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SCi Olive has been a beneficiary of support from the INVESTIGO program, enabling us to integrate a new researcher into our team. This incorporation will strengthen our existing lines of research and carry out the following activities:

  • Polyphenol content evaluation: A comprehensive assessment of the polyphenol content of the genotypes in our variety trial will be conducted. This analysis will specifically focus on oleocantal.
  • Evaluation based on maturity level. A detailed evaluation of the polyphenol content in relation to the maturity level of the olive will be performed. . Estudio The study will examine how this factor affects the stability of polyphenols during the recovery period.
  • Identification of other polyphenols of interest present in SCi Olive Genotypes.
  • Specific Content in Different Olive Fractions: The content of specific polyphenols will be analyzed in various olive fractions, including pulp, pit, alpechin, pomace and oil, in genotypes with high polyphenol content.