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The NEOLIVAR project focuses on the development of an innovative digital tool to address and resolve challenges related to the olive plant. The collaboration between three distinct companies: Santa Cruz Ingeniería, Making Web, and Dream Occasion, is shaping the “NEOLIVAR” software.

This software will integrate the combined expertise of the consortium and the most prominent literature to create an intelligent and powerful product. The central premise of NEOLIVAR is to intelligently address pests and diseases in olive plants. It will provide intelligent instructions to the technician on how to collect samples according to integrated agricultural practices, input the information into the software, and ultimately make decisions with the assistance of artificial intelligence. The “NEOLIVAR” software will automatically process the entered sample data and provide information about any risks or issues. In case of existence, the software will suggest to the user all possible solutions in detail.

Proyectos SCi Olive - Neoilvar EU

By introducing this digital management practice in the olive sector, we hope to reduce costs, increase production and agricultural benefits, improve the quality of the final product, decrease chemical pollution in the environment, and promote sustainable agriculture.

In summary, we anticipate that the “NEOLIVAR” software will streamline the daily work of farmers and transform olive plant management into the digital era.