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Empresa de ingeniería con más de 20 años de experiencia asesorando a empresas en gestión agronómica y desarrollo de proyectos de I+D


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SCiolive / Santa Cruz Ingeniería

We are an engineering company with a track record of over 20 years dedicated to providing consulting services to other companies in two complementary areas:

Agronomic Management: We specialize in providing advice on olive cultivation management, covering all agronomic aspects. We guide processing companies with the aim of achieving the highest quality olive oils through the optimization of extraction methods. Currently, we advise various companies managing over 1,000 hectares of olive groves in the regions of Córdoba, Seville, Huelva, and Badajoz

R&D Project Development. We stand out in research within the olive sector, with our research lines focusing on extract obtainment, genetic improvement, and olive grove management Líneas de investigación: estractos, mejora genética y gestión del olivar.


The NEOCANTAL project brings together scientific knowledge about the properties of the OLEOCANTAL molecule.

Industrial capabilities

Final product beneficial to health

NEOCANTAL EIC Accelerator: This research project on the beneficial anti-inflammatory properties of this polyphenol, known as the “ibuprofen of the olive,” led to the obtaining of a national patent in 2022; ES2852380, for the production of OLECANTAL concentrate.

Work lines / SCI Olive

R&D Projects / SCI Olive

Work lines / SCI Olive

SCI Olive provides its services for the integrated, efficient, and sustainable management of olive groves: (NEOLIVAR).

Deepening knowledge of the olive and its most beneficial properties. (NEOCANTAL).

Own genetic improvement program for the olive tree, with the collaboration of the University of Córdoba (GEN4OLIVE – ORIGEN).

R&D Projects / SCI Olive

Producing dietarysupplements rich in OLEOCANTAL from olives.

Developing a new digital tool to manage and solve issues related to olive plants.

Utilizing the genetic resources of the olive.

Revitalizing olive cultivation for table olives in Andalusia to make it a profitable and competitive venture.

Strengthening the evaluation of content and identification of polyphenols in genotypes with a new researcher

SCi olive team

Antonio Fernández Santa Cruz

CEO, CTO, Business Development

Agricultural Engineer Degree from the University of Córdoba (UCO), founder, owner and General Manager of Santa Cruz Ingeniería (SCI), since February 2002.

Hristofor Miho

CSO, PhD Manager

Degree in Agri-food Industry Engineering at the University of Tirana (Albania), and Master's degree in Olive Growing and Olive Oil Technology at UCO.

Gloria Rodríguez Lepe

International R&D Project Manager

Degree in Environmental Sciences (University of Salamanca, Spain), and MSc in Engineering and Environmental Management by the School of Industrial Organization.

Luis Carlos González Valencia

Innovation Consultant

Degree in Industrial Technical Engineering, specialising in Mechanics, from the University of Seville (1998).

Pedro García


Degree in Law from the University of Seville with complementary training in R&D Project Management.

Eva García Montes

Innovation Manager

Graduate in Industrial Engineering, specialising in Business Organization by the University of Seville (Spain).

Ana Moya Salvador

Researcher, Innovation Manager

Graduate in Biochemistry from the University of Granada (UGR). Master's Degree in Professional Specialisation in Pharmacy.

Agustín Labrador Freire

Innovation Manager

Graduated in Technical Architecture by the University of Seville. Developed real estate valuations, judicial appraisals...

Enrique Candelera Muñoz

Innovation Manager

Technical Engineer, speciality in Chemistry by the University of Seville with additional training in Occupational Risk Prevention.