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The main purpose of the ORIGEN project is to revitalize the profitability and competitiveness of table olive cultivation in Andalusia,ensuring benefits for all stakeholders in the value chain, from farmers to consumers, including industrial players and auxiliary companies.

  • Genetic Improvement of Olive for Table Olive. The aim is to advance in the genetic improvement process of the olive tree, with the purpose of identifying new varieties of table olives adapted to the mechanization of cultivation.
  • Innovation in olive cultivation processes.. The goal is to advance research aimed at transforming olive cultivation through the implementation of mechanized methods.
  • Optimization of industrial processes. The objective is to optimize specific industrial processes related to the production and preservation of olive oil with the aim of developing innovative products of superior quality, with added health and nutritional benefits. We ensure the quality, safety, and extended shelf life of these products, thus redefining excellence standards in the industry.

SCi Olive se marca como objetivos específicos os siguientes:

  • Evaluar y seleccionar los candidatos a convertirse en nuevas variedades de aceituna de mesa de entre los individuos preseleccionados procedentes del campo de ensayo de variedades de olivo de SCi Olive.
  • Selección de parentales para la obtención de nuevos cruzamientos en el programa de mejora de ORIGEN.
  • Diseño de un sistema de concentración de polifenoles procedentes del alperujo para su futuro uso en industria cosmética y otras áreas de interés.

SCi Olive has been a beneficiary of an incentive from the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalucía (IDEA), under the Andalucía Regional Government, amounting to €167.853,84. This funding is co-financed up to 75% by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) for the implementation of the project: “MECHANIZATION OF THE TABLE OLIVE INDUSTRY: THE ORIGIN OF A SUSTAINABLE SYSTEM (ORIGEN, 802C2000026).” This project is framed within the Order of June 5, 2017, which establishes the regulatory bases for granting subsidies under a non-competitive competition regime to companies. These subsidies aim to promote industrial development, enhance competitiveness, drive digital transformation, and stimulate job creation in Andalucía during the period 2017-2020. The main objectives of this initiative are:

  1. Achieve a more competitive business fabric
  2. Promote technological development, innovation, and high-quality research..
  3. Ensure a better use of information technologies